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Do you have new hires who need to get up to speed quickly?  Might you have valued employees who need to skill up for a new position? Now is the time to invest in your employees to boost their performance, increase job satisfaction, and improve retention. At Clackamas Community College, we offer “education at work.” When you invest in customized training, new Professional Development courses, and on-demand offerings, you invest in your business and community. Sign up now!

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Gain the skills a new leader needs to transition from being an independent contributor to leading others.
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Project Management Overview - Begins April 18th
Gain a competitive advantage and better utilize your resources using project management tools for projects large and small. In this course, you will gain experience using the most common project management execution tools, including project tracking forms, risk monitoring, communications plans, change request forms, issues logs, and lessons learned forms.
Registration ends April 10th
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Customer Service - Coming soon
Learn the critical elements that improve customer relations and retention. Acquire the skills needed to deliver exceptional service and improve your organization's results.
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Essential Principles of Finance - Coming soon
Speak the language of finance with confidence as it applies to balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. Develop better budgets, projections, and more.
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Managing Performance - Coming Soon
Use a three-phase model to manage a team for optimum performance. Practice using motivational tools and techniques, along with coaching to achieve employee results.
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Conflict and Difficult Workplace Behaviors - Coming  Soon
Quickly recognize the signs of escalating conflict, and take appropriate action to minimize negative impact. Practice a conflict resolution model.
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Today’s frontline automation machine operators require mechanical, electrical and computer skills to be successful. Gain knowledge in shop math, print reading, quality control, PLCs, and basic computer skills.
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Basic Print Reading - Coming Soon
Understand, interpret, and change blueprints in manufacturing environments. Learn to visualize a 3-dimensional part from 2-dimensional orthographic engineering drawings.
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